Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Burj Dubai January 29th 2008 photo update

Burj Dubai January 29th 2008 photo update,Dubai Maritime City and the Burj Dubai in the first photo, Here is also a close up of the bottom crane in the second photo.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for posting current pictures! i know it must be a chore but myself and i am sure thousands around the world are loving seeing this magnificent building go up floor by floor.

now i want to go to dubai so bad! i would go chiefly to take pictures of the beautiful buildings and hopefully be allowed on their observation decks. plus, the beach looks lovely.

one of these days, dubai is on my list of destinations. i hope it does not only sell itself as a tourist destination but can support itself in many other industries such as oil and technology. dubai is a jewel in the crown of the mideast.