Saturday, August 2, 2008

Burj Dubai August 2nd 2008 photo update

Burj Dubai August 2nd 2008 photo update, Here is a picture to plan comparison as we have reached the top of another tier.

The next section is the first of tier 21 and will have a terrace/setback facing 240 degrees. Here is a crude shopped print of the floor/start of tier 21 showing the terrace on the left. We can see the smaller wings that face the same directions as the wings of the previous 3 tiers. This is the only time this happens from tier 12 to the top as any other set of 3 terraces is rotated 60 degrees from the next set of 3.

After the setback tier 21 continues up symetrically with 3 wings.

Tier 21 should be interesting with the major change in both the size and layout of the structural members that is starting in section 20B. They will also have to either start building the pinnacle ( that starts in section 20B ) or leave room for it in the middle so they can build and lift it later.

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