Thursday, April 17, 2008

Base jumper aims too high at Burj Dubai

Dubai: An ambitious base jumper who wanted to jump off the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai, ended up high and dry, in jail. The unidentified base-jumper had made his way to Burj Dubai equipped with his parachute.

Security guards stopped him because he did not have the right permission. The European national was not to be dissuaded so easily though, and he ran to the tower and proceeded to climb up. He said he wanted to jump off one of Dubai's landmarks.

Police were alerted and a squad was dispatched to Burj Dubai. He was caught before he could climb much higher. Brigadier Abdul Jalil Mahdi, Deputy Director of Dubai police's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for Preventative Security, said if the man had had permission, he would have been allowed to jump, but without permission, it wa a violation of safety and security procedures.

He said the man is currently out on bail, but the case will be referred to the Public Prosecution. Base jumping is a sport using a parachute to jump from fixed objects such as buildings and towers.

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