Monday, May 26, 2008

Help Support this Burj Dubai site

Hello Everyone,

I have spent hundreds of hours searching for facts and photos about the Burj Dubai tower, I do this mainly because I enjoy doing it. I get just as much joy out of the photos and facts as you do.. This site over the past six months has earned a little money from the current ads that are placed on the right side and at the bottom of each page, but the earnings are rather small indeed. So I would like to kindly ask if you plan to make a purchase or get a gift card from Amazon if you would do it through the links below. By making a purchase or acquiring a gift card via these links this site will in return earn a small commission.

Thanks for your support!

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Anonymous said...

Tom...Great site! I currently live next door to the Burj, and have an interesting view of the construction site and building... Can I help with any photos? How can I contact you or vice versa?

twickline said...


My email is my user name here at gmail{dot}com

I could use the help, so feel free to send me a mail..