Saturday, March 29, 2008

Burj Dubai Spire Erection Methodology

This has a wealth of info that I never took to notice before as the lifting was so far away.

First the new platform is probably a working platform as in the plan above. Thing is it is supposed to be on tier 19. I wonder what the reason for it being on tier 18 is ? ( no I don't think it is because the structure is going to be less than 818 m. )

I have been looking at this plan and I have an idea of the exact lifting proceedure but if someone can grasp fully what the proceedure is going to be perhaps you can enlighten us with your thoughts. It looks like there is going to be more than one lifting stage to me. Also looks like they are going to finish parts of the structure after the lifting is completed. Also looks to me they will finish tier 19 then start the lifting after that as Cul said. Kinda looks like they will continue building higher on 2 ( ? ) of the 3 wings and finish the third after lifting. This lifting proceedure is going to be very interesting and somewhat more complex than at first glance.

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