Friday, February 22, 2008

Dubai, the world's largest arch bridge

Development News-2008.2.15-A piece of property in 2012, Dubai, the world's largest arch bridge !!

New York architectural firm of FX's proposed seolgyean Dubai foul社adopted by the Department of Transportation road, pull over, the world's largest arch bridge imagined possible.

205 meters in length, the height of the 1.6Km boasts 12 lanes of the bridge and two railroad through the 20,000 vehicles per hour and 23,000 people susonghal plans for the railway passengers.

Dubai, and the central coastal city via bridges built ingongseom five places in the construction business, consists of four bridges and one tunnel and the sea level to 15 meters in height, so you can keep your legs under unhaenghal boat.

Geonseolbi a total of approximately 817 million US dollars (about 771 billion won) in the four years it takes to giganman dalhamyeo construction of the massive project.

Will the design of the bridge arches, the architectural firm designing the accomplishments of Bridges' sound waves' and was inspired, and the design of the Opera House opened in Dubai, which is scheduled to blend its sole. Dubai is scheduled to be completed in 2012, another will emerge as a world-class building.

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